Operate on a HD wallet and Make a remittance from it.

Import or generate a mnemonic, get new replenishment address and watch for HD wallet accounts. After mnemonic import you can choose account funds to send. Then change address is generated automaticity. Change always returns to the choosen account to keep account continuity. Look after the mnemonic and remove it from application in time.

Import keys and then Make a remittance

Specify recipients, a change address, spent funds and a priority to send a payment. You have an opportunity to set a fee that you consider necessary.

Check keys availability in the storage

Remove extra keys and export keys to a text file.

Generate new keys

You’ll need to do custom cursor movements or input custom characters. That is needed for creation of unique value that initiate key generator.

Always at hand where there is Internet

Multilingual wallet is accessible from anywhere and convenient for travel.

Protection from a force majeure

Keys are displayed by dots, which makes the wallet immune from prying eyes or cameras. You are able to display a key via button click.
Protection against accidental payment sending in case of misclick.

Client side key storage

We don’t send keys to the server and we don’t keep keys in any long-term data storage. We use only browser local storage to store your keys in secure manner.

Saving keys as text file

Imported keys can be saved as a text file on a device.


Always keep a copy of keys on a device. The wallet is designed for nondurable storage of keys.
Watch out for the imported keys and delete them in time. Check the storage to make sure there are no extra keys.
Provide computer security to avoid hacker attacks.
Make sure that browser settings and plug-ins can't compromise security.